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Find out how working with your health coach can get you on the path to healthier & more mindful eating and living! Are you ready to start your own Mindful Life Experience?™

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Rethink your approach.

Rethink your approach to food by discovering how it correlates to your approach to life and how it affects so much more than weight.

Reconnect with Nature.

Reconnect with your authentic self while exploring the healing properties of Nature.

Rediscover your potential.

It's easy to get lost in the motions of everyday living. Rediscover your potential and let your authentic self shine through!

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What is the Mindful Life Experience™?

Living a mindful life is being consciously aware in each moment as you live purposefully rather than just allowing life to pass you by. Instead of rolling with the flow, you become the flow. It's all about living in the moment rather than for the moment.

The Mindful Life Experience™ is your own personal transformational journey. Whether you want to shed some pounds, increase your self-awareness by becoming more mindful in the choices you make, or want more out of life than you feel you are experiencing, Tracie will guide and support you in the transition toward living a more creative, purposeful, and healthy life.

As a certified holistic health coach, Tracie knows each Mindful Life Experience™ is as unique as the person. Using her health coach training, extensive education, knowledge of Morita therapy principles, and personal experiences, she will give you the tools & support you need in order to become proactive in and more mindful about your health and lifestyle.

Are you ready for the Mindful Life Experience™? Contact Tracie to schedule your complimentary Health Awareness Consultation today!

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Healthy foods are an important part of a healthy body and lifestyle!

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